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Pipa is in the province of Rio Grande do Norte, less than two hour’s drive from the new international airport in the city of Natal. A car is not necessary in Pipa and a taxi from the airport costs approximately US$90.

Serena, Pipa - Natural paddling pool on pipa beach at low tide

Pipa is one of the most well-known holiday destinations in Brazil, but it is not a big resort, nor is it commercialised, with the locals still outnumbering the holidaymakers.
As with many of the world’s best beaches, Praia de Pipa was first discovered by the hippies; indeed several hippies stayed on in Pipa, probably because it now has a unique ambience, which seems to appeal to a broad range of people. After the hippies, came the surfers, who are still here in great numbers, attracted by the Atlantic ‘rollers’ at the nearby Praia do Amor.

Serena, Pipa - Dolphins in Baia dos Golfinhos, Pipa
Serena, Pipa - Beach in front of Casa Serena - no swimming pool needed

Pipa’s two main attractions are the beach (by day) and the main street (by night).

One of the fascinating aspects of Pipa beach is that it keeps moving! A combination of tidal movements, currents far out in the ocean and the coral reef, mean that every few weeks, the sand shifts around, with the result that at high tide there are often small islands of glistening white sand, and low tide exposes shallow lagoon like pools, where you can lie down and feel as though you are in a bath!

If you want to spend the day on the beach you won’t have to move far, as there is always someone nearby selling cold drinks, coconut juice or ice creams, and if you fancy some local seafood, why not try one of the many beach front cafes, or visit the Pipa Beach Club.

Serena, Pipa - Pipa Beach Club near Serena

Pipa is near the equator, so the sun sets early and in the balmy tropical evening everyone migrates up the hill to the main street - Avenida Baia dos Golfinhos.

Here you will find a combination of bars, cafes, restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops. Stroll up and down, soaking up the atmosphere or watch the world go by from an outside bar, before choosing from one of the restaurants offering a range of cuisines – Brazilian, Argentinian, Spanish, Italian and many more.

Serena, Pipa - The moon sets over Serena
Serena, Pipa - Pipa, main street at night

For those of you who have come to Brazil to enjoy their famous nightlife, then Pipa is the place, with bars like Tribus giving you the opportunity to party well into the early hours.

Serena, Pipa - Traditional fishing boats Praia da Pipa
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