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Relax on the terrace, snooze in a hammock under the palm trees, enjoy lunch on the shady veranda, sunbathe on the secluded lawn, or just gaze out to sea from the panorama deck. Experience the sense of tranquillity and serenity, as you listen to the birds singing, the sound of the waves breaking on the distant coral reef and the branches of the palm trees rustling in the refreshing breeze.

Serena, Pipa - Serena has its own coconuts

Serena is set in luscious tropical gardens with an abundance of colourful flowers and, as you would expect, your very own palm trees laden with coconuts. Both the villa and garden are designed to offer you a variety of spectacular outlooks.

Serena, Pipa - All bedrooms have sea view - perfect family villa
Serena, Pipa - Spectacular view of the Atlantic ocean from villa

Serena is suited to a tropical location, with high ceilings and plenty of doors and windows to allow a cooling breeze to circulate. All the rooms are on the ground floor, apart from the lounge, which is located upstairs to gain maximum benefit from the spectacular setting. The lounge then leads out to the best viewpoint – the Panorama Deck.

Serena, Pipa - Dine in the house or out on the terrace
Serena, Pipa - Sunset in front of Villa Serena

The sun rises early in Pipa and as you look out to sea, it appears far off to the right, slowly passing over the garden, and often ending in a beautiful sunset behind the copper coloured cliffs across the bay. All that is missing is your own private beach, but some days the beach can be so quiet, that it feels like your own.

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